25 February 2010

About Me

Proper introductions are usually necessary for a relationship to build trust and grow. I hope to eventually get to know all, in one way or another, who frequent this blog as it'll make the conversations more interesting. But until the followers come, I'll get the ball rolling.

My name is Zach Jansen, but I go by The Z online. You can call me either, so don't be afraid of that. I live in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and work as cook and attend college part-time. I've been married for almost five years and have a 5-month-old son who is incredibly awesome.

I've loved movies for as long as I can remember, but didn't really go all in until I was 18 years old. I had seen American Beauty and was just blown away. I had never experienced those emotions - at least not as powerfully - while watching a movie. I loved that feeling and soon discovered that other films could give me that thrill. I watched anything I could get my hands on, and because of that I have an appreciation for all kinds of film, regardless of quality, budget, prestige, genre, language, etc. All movies have the power. And that's as best as I can explain it - movies have the power.

I have a collection of DVDs numbering over 500, and my Netflix queue is so full I can't add new movies until I've watched the ones they've sent. Apparently Netflix only allows you 500 slots... Of the films I own, I've watched 90%, and am working at the remaining 50 or so. The titles range from films everyone seems to have - Titanic, The Godfather, The Dark Knight, and other such popular films - to films that I seemingly have the only copy of - The Room, Birth of a Nation, Wings, Shattered Glass.

In addition to viewing movies, I also dabble in screenwriting and film making - mostly shorts, though I'm working on 2-3 feature-length scripts. I typically read screenplays and books about movies and movie making. I hope to upload some of my films for your viewing pleasure, but we'll see how that goes.

You've probably noticed the sidebar of "Recently Viewed" films. I've seen other sites/blogs do this and offer critiques of letter grades or stars. I'm not a critic. I have a critical eye for films, yes, but I'm not interested in determining whether or not a film deserves a A- or a B+, 2 stars or 2-1/2. I just want to watch the films and then learn more about them if I enjoyed them. If anyone wants to know my thoughts, ask. Also, from time to time I offer a write-up on a movie. In fact, I wrote a paper about The Informant! when it was released in theatres and I plan to post that essay in tandem with its DVD release in March. I have other essays and will work on new ones when I feel the need.

I'm not sure if there's any more essential information about me, but if you have questions just post them in a comment section - it doesn't matter where, I'll find it. Also - don't be afraid to introduce yourself. It's not required, but as I said, it'll help to build a rapport.

Thanks again and keep watching those films.

20 February 2010

New Blog, New Post, New New

Hello friendly readers!

I welcome you to "Fuck No! But There's A Poster", a blog dedicated to movies, film, cinema, and the like. Maybe some television, but that's yet to be seen.

Oh, my dear cinephiles, what fun and excitement i hope to have and snjure for us. My plan is to continually comment on all things movies - reviews, in-depth articles, random trivia, photos, some awards coverage (but I handle that on the other blog I have), and just thoughts about recently seen films or any film for that matter.

I think this blog will be easier than the other since stream-of-consciousness writing/thinking about movies is practically normal for me, as you all shall soon become fully aware.

So as the saying goes, readers - hope for the best and expect the worst.

**Special "Fuck No!" kudos for the first reader to name the film from whence this blog's title derived**