20 February 2010

New Blog, New Post, New New

Hello friendly readers!

I welcome you to "Fuck No! But There's A Poster", a blog dedicated to movies, film, cinema, and the like. Maybe some television, but that's yet to be seen.

Oh, my dear cinephiles, what fun and excitement i hope to have and snjure for us. My plan is to continually comment on all things movies - reviews, in-depth articles, random trivia, photos, some awards coverage (but I handle that on the other blog I have), and just thoughts about recently seen films or any film for that matter.

I think this blog will be easier than the other since stream-of-consciousness writing/thinking about movies is practically normal for me, as you all shall soon become fully aware.

So as the saying goes, readers - hope for the best and expect the worst.

**Special "Fuck No!" kudos for the first reader to name the film from whence this blog's title derived**

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