10 March 2011

Comin' Back -- In (Some Kind of) Style

I've been away for far too long. Only two previous posts in the last year? No, no, no...

The plan is to hit the ground, stand up, dust myself off, and see where my legs will take me.

I've got big ideas and plans for this blog. It's still a film/movie blog with Oscar stuff thrown in -- it's jsut that I need to actually post things.

I'm going to get to that The Informant! essay I mentioned in the previous post, so at least I have a decent start. I've also got some short essays I wrote for a film class last year, so I'll be sure to add those to the bag o'goodies. I've got other ideas about essays and columns and articles so if there is anyone out there who cares, please stay turned and we'll get humming by the summer (when my classes end and I have time to write. When not taking care of my 18-month-old and 3-month-old sons.)

Let's shoot for at least one post a week until May and go to two big postings a week along with random film musings after that. I really want this to happen, so I'm gonna get snap-snap-snappin'.

If anyone has any films they'd like me to view and/or write about, please share your suggestions in the comment section. But, of course, with no followers I have doubts that any suggestions will be coming anytime soon. So it goes...

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