31 December 2013

Looking Ahead

Okay, I'm not great with blogging regularly.  At all. 

Nevertheless, I'm taking a new approach with the upcoming year.  I plan on chronicling the process of writing a new feature-length screenplay.  Everything will be addressed:  The highs, the lows, the stalls, the marathon writing sessions -- everything.

I hope to have a script written by the end of January with rewriting going on during February and March (as well as prepping the next script).  I want to write an easy-to-shoot, super-low-budget/no-budget film that I can film over the summer and then edit in the fall.  Kind of a "Here's How to Make a Feature Film in a Year" type of thing.

Sure, it might be too much, but if I can still aim high.  If I come up short, then I write about that as well as any new scripts I'm working on.

Also, I'll be reviewing at least one movie or screenplay a week.  I think it's healthy not to get buried in your own work -- you have to know what else is going on in the world, especially in your field.

Everything will be kicking off full swing the first full week of January.  If anything, that gives me the next week to prep and get some kind of schedule worked out for posting here and writing script pages. 

Ideally, there'd be at least two new posts a week (one review and one writing update), but if I can work it out to do more, I'll definitely make the effort to have new material every day or every other day.  Writing has never been a problem for me -- even if I write crap I write -- but I have to be on top of using multiple mediums as outlets for what I write.  I mean, I can write screenplays all day long, but for the most part, no one's going to read them.  A blog on the other hand... that offers a forum to not worry about structure or narrative or plot and to just write.

And that's my plan for 2014:  To write.  Script pages, film/script reviews, and progress posts.  Although, don't be surprised if the script pages drop if I'm able to shoot a film.  But then I'll be updating about the production, so at least there'll be something to track.

All right:  I'll be back sooner than before.  Good luck and good writing.