22 January 2014

Scripts to Come

I recently just finished rewriting a screenplay I had optioned.  It was the second draft I turned in, and the last one I was contracted to do, so I don't know if I'll be involved with the pre-production process as it moves toward a (tentative) shooting schedule for next winter.  But as of now, I'm done with the script until further notice.

As such, I've outlined the plans for my next projects.  I have three feature scripts I'll be working on for the next few months -- I like to have a few things going so if I get bogged down or bored with one script I can get the juices flowing with another that already been worked for a bit.  Each script has different purposes for me writing it and unfortunately (some would say), none of them are really spec script material.  But I'm still working a bit on finding a comfort zone with what stories I want to write and can write versus having pipe dreams of writing the next Inception or being a Tarantino-wannabe.

Since I'm still working on the outlines and pre-writing, there aren't much for details, but here's what I have for the scripts.