17 March 2014

Just for Fun; or The Red Elephant

There's really no rhyme or logical explanation (at least one I'm willing to admit to) for this, but I'm thinking about something and want to see what happens.

You ready?  Okay...

Think about The Sixth Sense.  

You see dead people, big whoop. 
I've seen Styx live. 
Other than, "Man, I wonder what happened to that kid?" -- his name's Haley Joel Osment (sorry:  Academy Award nominee Haley Joel Osment) and he's got a lot coming up this year -- I bet you dollars to donut holes that you went right to the end of the movie, to that huge giant twist that many consider one of the best turns of a plot in the history of all of cinema (I say those who think that need to get with the frickin' program and check out The Usual Suspects:  Keyser S√∂ze rules, brah).

You did, didn't you? 

If you say no, then I'll ask you to not think of a red elephant. 

Didn't say it'd be a fair fight.


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