29 April 2014

The July Script

A change of pace for this post:  The script I'm writing in July is my entry for the Movie Poet feature screenplay contest -- and because entries must be kept anonymous, I can't delve too much into it.  Or rather, at all.

The soonest I'd be able to talk more about it won't be until June 1st at the earliest -- that's if I don't advance to the third round.  If luck be my lady, I won't be discussing it until October 1st, when the contest's final results are announced.

Still, I'd rather keep the unveiling of what's getting written when as consistent as possible, so I didn't want to skip mentioning July's script.

Here's the first page.  Same as every other script.
That kind of reliability is comforting.

So stay tuned and we'll all find out together when I can reveal the title and logline of the script.

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