15 April 2014

12 in 12: The Road Ahead (Part II)

Look, Mom, no hands!
And now it's whatever time you want it to be.
The trouble that comes up when attempting to write 12 feature screenplays in 12 months is having 12 ideas/stories that grab you.  I've got pages of ideas, characters, quotes, scenes, locations, etc. that I use for inspiration and to include in a script -- but usually I have the luxury of reading something I've written down and sitting with it, letting it roll about in my brain and finding the best place to use that little nugget I felt so necessary to jot down.  But with a deadline... there's little to no time to luxuriate in a clever turn of phrase or quirky character trait.  With writing a feature in a month, time is more than of the essence:  it is everything and anything, and there is definitely not enough of it.

Initially, when deciding upon what I'd write every month, I was just going to take the first five days to a week of each month to pick a story/idea and then do a quick outline and break the story so it made sense.  Then it was up to the next 23 to 26 days to write a script.  A sound plan, I know; but I soon realized I was actually losing five to seven days of scripting.  Even if I only wrote a page a day, that's about (in a 90 page script) 6-8% of the script I could've written.  Doesn't seem like much, sure, but on a 30-31 day deadline, that's huge.

So what's happening now is this:  I have my designated scriptwriting time set aside every night or so and I hammer out the current script; during the day (and sometimes after scripting), I'm researching and outline the next script or two.  Then, if I finish the current script early, I use the bonus days to plot out the next script so I can start on it as soon as the calendar turns over.  Granted, I could start scripting sooner, but in keeping with the spirit of this year-long challenge, I'm only writing one new screenplay each month.  I say "new" because that allows me to do some re-writing on other scripts.  What can I say, I'm always working on screenwriting -- it's my life, so I'm not going to apologize for it.  I'll apologize that I'm not a good writer, but not because I write.
Notebooks?  I've just been using
the closest piece of paper I could find.
I have a lot of receipts with notes on their backs.

Anyhow, I've looked through a heap of notes I've written over the past many years and have found a few ideas I think are worth exploring and expanding into screenplays.  Others are okay, but will need more time and research than I'm afforded in this journey.  Then again, if I need to I can break the story over the course of a few months -- but that takes away from working on other ideas...  A kind of Catch-22 it seems.  Nevertheless, I was able to find a decent amount of ideas that feel like they can be expanded and be a complete story/script.

I'll publicize most of the stories -- some I think have potential to be something a notch above okay and don't want to be an also-ran if someone writes my December script this summer.  I mean, sure the scripts will most likely be 90% dissimilar, but still.  Of course, situations could change and I won't care if someone works on a similar screenplay.  I don't know.  Another decision to make...  Too many decision...

So the plan is to rollout the scripts in the order I intend to write them.  Tomorrow (or Thursday) I'll announce May's script; a day or two later, June's scripts; and so on.  Some will have titles, some will be generic, like Untitled True Crime Story or something along those lines.  I'll have logline-ish descriptions, too, just to make sure there's a least a nugget of a tease for folks to get interested in seeing how a particular script progresses. 

And that's where I'm at.  Again, if anyone has the urge or curiosity to read a 12 in 12 script, just email f.no.but.theres.a.poster[@]gmail[.]com (without the brackets, of course).  I don't feel comfortable with posting rough/first drafts for anyone to read, so email is the route I'm going to distribute what I'm working on.

Be sure to check in sometime over the next few days to find out what's coming in May.  I'm excited about the script -- more than the current script, Standers, at least... -- and hope those who frequent this blog (I know there's about two or three of you) get excited about it too.  And then the scripts down the road...  I'm eager to get to them.  For me, there's nothing like writing a screenplay.  And this 12 in 12 challenge is a great way to keep me writing screenplays -- so while it might kill me, I'll at least be happy when I keel over.

Why must I joke about death?  Just shoot me now.  Just--
Ah, crap...

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