26 May 2014


In an effort to branch out and reach more potential readers -- you know, beyond me and the three other people who frequent this blog -- I'm trying new things for F*** No! But There's A Poster.  And the best way to do that in the 21st century is through social networking sites.

As such, I've created a Facebook page and a Twitter account.

Honestly:  I don't know what most of these are for.

The purpose of the Facebook page is to post mini-posts or quick thoughts that don't inherently warrant full write-ups on the blog.  Basically, if I have some things I want to write about but I can't think of a title for the post -- because what's a blog post without post titles? -- I'll just pop them up on Facebook.  This'll include links to movie/screenwriting news and articles I think are worth sharing but I don't necessarily have much to add to.  I mean, sometimes providing the link is helpful enough without any additional commentary.

With Twitter, it'll be similar, but I guess it'd have to be even more mini to fit the 140 character limit.  One thing I'm considering is using Twitter for quick reviews/thoughts about the "Recently Viewed" movies since I don't otherwise comment on the films.  And maybe I'll tweet inspiring quotes from writers and filmmakers so it seems like I'm getting the full use out of what Twitter can do.

Of course, I'll post the links to actual posts on the blog on both networks.  Can't really self-promote if you don't self-promote.

I made a "Contact" tab just under the blog's header, so you can easily get to each page.  You can also click the "Email" link if you want to send me encouraging words or ideas for a script I should write.  And if you want to get email updates for when a new post pops up, there's a contact thingy (I'm sure it has a name) right above the "Recently Viewed" column.  So, yeah, jump on that, I guess.

Huh...  I'm now realizing I've committed myself to writing a feature script each month, writing blog posts about that process (and other things), making Facebook updates, and tweeting.  

And hey, while I'm at it, maybe I'll create a YouTube channel or start a podcast.  People like that, right?

Then again, how am I supposed to compete with this:

But seriously, let's see how thin I can spread myself before I finally tear right down the middle.  And when that happens, you can expect the updates to appear on all the various social media/networking platforms.

Doing stuff is hard...

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