10 May 2014

The October Script

I have a bit of a passing interest in cryptozoology.  Though that may go without saying seeing as I did write a script called The Incredible Frog Boy Is On the Loose Again!, inspired by the Loveland Frog.  Seems most states have some kind of cryptid hanging out somewhere withing its borders:  Bigfoot in Washington, Mothman in West Virginia, the Lizard Man in South Carolina, the Jersey Devil in New Jersey, and dozens of other lesser-known ones mostly relegated to regional stories and sightings.

Where I grew up, we didn't have anything like that, though the town an hour up the road did.  All for the best, I suppose, since for a while my family lived right up against the woods on the north side of town and then just 20 yards from another big swath of woods.  I know better than actually believe in non-existent creatures, but I was more impressionable as a kid.

Pretty, isn't it?
That's just to ease you into letting down your guard...
But that's the thing about the woods:  They're (Or is it "It's"?) creep as all get out.  Why do you think a great many horror and slasher films take place there?  'Cause it's a universal fear, getting lost in the woods, one tree looking like the next, the canopy blocking out the stars and moon, drenching you in darkness...

Same picture as above, just darkened.
Bait and switch, bait and switch.
Anyhow, this all leads to the most known cryptid "living" in Wisconsin:  The Beast of Bray Road.  It's purportedly a wolf/bear-man hybrid that (for some reason) makes its haunt along Bray Road near Elkhorn, Wisconsin.  Probably goes without saying, but I've never seen it -- haven't been to that part of Wisconsin -- even though dozens of people have claimed they have since the first official sighting was reported on Halloween in 1999.  So you can now see why I've picked October to tackle this script:  It should be completed by the 15th anniversary of that incident.  

Seriously, title pages are fun.
Okay, that's kind of lame, but hey, it's something to make this more fun than what it is.

"The Beast of White River Trail" just doesn't have
the same pop as "The Beast of Bray Road."
Now, there's been a (quite terrible) movie about the Beast already, but if we can have two "asteroids hurling toward Earth" movies and two "White House getting attacked" movies (and both in the same years), then we can have two Beast of Bray Road movies made (fingers crossed) about 10 years apart.  And while that other Bray Road movie had some interesting ideas, the whole time I watched it, I couldn't stop thinking how I could clumsily do a better job at telling a story about the creature.  

So come October, it's money where my mouth is time.

To be honest,
I think it's eating a baby.
That probably won't be in my script.
Probably won't be...
My inclination -- and really, ever since I began thinking about this script about 5 or so years ago this has been my gut instinct -- is to go the found footage route.  Yeah, there's going to be a lot of scenes in the woods, probably at night, and that'll bring up comparisons to The Blair Witch Project.  But in my defense, we never saw the titular witch in that movie and I'm determined to included glimpses of the Beast in my script.  Also:  This is just going to be a script -- there are a lot of steps and hurdles and this-that and the other things for it to even get close to being a movie.
So with this script, I'll be doing horror and found footage, both new for me.  The horror I'm not to concerned about, but found footage takes a bit more than just a straight-forward scriptwriting approach.  I'll probably be spending much of September reading whatever found footage scripts I can get my hands on -- just to get a better grasp on how to best incorporate the format and technique.  And because I want to write a script and not an outline (a la The Blair Witch Project and many a found footage film), it's important to me to get on the page what's in my head.

There are four sentences in that last paragraph. 
And each one has "found footage" in it.
And you call yourself a writer...

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