13 June 2014

More Posts To Come, I Assure You

Just a quick update for the lack of activity:  On Monday I sent out a bunch of query lettersSo last weekend I was pretty much working on getting addresses correct and perfecting my letter and stamping envelopes and everything else that goes with sending out a lot of mail.

A couple days ago, I got a request for the script.  And today, I got another.  So I've been going over the script intensely, trying to find any proofing errors and story issues (I didn't find any, but I'm sure there are tons...) in order to know that I'm sending out the best draft of the script that I can.

And now it's the weekend.  Which means if the people who wanted to read the script do read it right away I'm not hearing anything until Monday.  But who knows who might contact me about the script then -- optimistic, I know, but I wasn't even expecting to get one response, so I'll take the good times and run with it.

Anyhow, I should be getting to some more 12 in 12 posts and updates over the weekend.  The current script, Greyhound 1170, is going well and I'm excited about how it's developing, especially one of the lead characters (more on why just the one later), and I do want to share what my process has been like this month.

So stay tuned, I'll be back.

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