05 June 2014

UPDATE: The July Script

Just a heads up that the July script will not be discussed too much -- or at all -- as it's moved on to Round 3 of the Movie Poet feature screenplay contest.  I don't expect to win since I've only just gotten by in the first two rounds, but based upon the reviews/comments, I got the reactions I was hoping for.  I'm kind of stumped about the script as a whole, but I've been focusing more on Greyhound 1170 and getting query letters figured out (and yes, because I don't have email addresses to query I'm sending actual, honest-to-goodness letters via the United States Postal Service).

Anyhow, below is a list of Movie Poet's Round 2 results and the screenplays moving on to Round 3.  Keep in mind that the contest is done anonymously, so no one will know for sure who wrote what until October 1st when the final results are announced. 

First, the results:

First Place:  Michael Berg 
Second Place:  Rick Hansberry 
Third Place:  Kelley Allen 
Honorable Mention:  Michael E. Bierman, Margaret Ricke, Tim Westland 
Top 10:  Zach Jansen, Fred Koszewnik, Byron Matthews, Kirk White

And second, the scripts:

All That Glitters...
A lonely Irish fisherman must outwit a con man and gamble the family business after making an astounding discovery that could make him rich and win his love -- or cost him everything.

Final Girl
After surviving a slasher's murderous spree, a college coed succumbs to temptation and turns to serial killing as a build up to her ultimate goal: taking vengeance against the killer's family.

The Furies
When three young women, one of them pregnant, learn that they are all married to the same smooth talking man they plot a mission of vengeance designed to destroy him.

Grimm Reapers
After witnessing a werewolf murder their father, two scholarly brothers vow to eliminate any mythical threat they discover under the guise of fairy tale collectors.

Jesus Freaked
To save his crumbling relationship with “the one”, a desperate atheist does the ultimate sacrifice for love: he joins her crazy Southern Baptist Church.

The Question
A reckless equestrian struggles through personal and professional setbacks as he tries to make history as the youngest winner ever of the elite Rolex championship, but his destructive personality poses the biggest obstacle to claiming the title.

The Red Orchestra
While awaiting her execution by guillotine for high treason and espionage, an American woman recalls her attempts to undermine the Nazis during WWII with the help of a mysterious organization known as the Red Orchestra. Based on a true story.

After a cosmic event returns magic to the world, a washed up detective taps his newly acquired powers to solve crimes. When a string of occult murders defy his magical abilities, he must rely on skills from his past to stop the killer.

The White Knight
When a lonely agoraphobic witnesses his favorite webcam model’s kidnapping, he must overcome his fear of the outside world to locate her before she dies at the hands of a deranged internet troll.

The Young Hypnotist
Philadelphia, 1839. A medical student's innocent curiosity with the mysterious power of Mesmerism quickly escalates into an obsessive game of manipulation, mind-control and conquest of the people around him.


This is my fourth time doing the feature contest on Movie Poet, but only my second time getting past Round 1 and onto Round 3.  But even when I didn't advanced -- Bake Sale didn't cook with reviewers, and going off the comments The Incredible Frog Boy Is On the Loose Again! was just better off not found -- I wrote the scripts.  And they're available to read if you're interested.  Just comment below, drop a line on the Facebook page, twit a tweet on Twitter, or send an email.

For the screenwriters and filmmakers out there, I highly suggest giving Movie Poet a once-over.  A lot of great, low-budget scripts available for producing and a helluva lot of talented writers.  Give it a whirl and try not to find something interesting over there.

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