07 January 2016

Oscar Time Again

I'm probably one of the worst bloggers ever.  Well, maybe not the worst, but damn near the bottom of a corner in the dark, dank basement of the Internet.  I intend to post more (I think once or twice a week is ideal), but don't; then I commit to at least getting one post done a month, but don't.  I want to..., but I don't.

At least with 2015 I had a legitimate excuse of having started graduate school.  Which, by the way, does end up consuming your life and everything you love about life and living.  Then it comes back for seconds -- a dick move, but there you go.  Still, I should've taken the time between semesters (about 4-6 weeks, depending upon the semesters) and posted more.  I should have. 

So I'm going to try.

I'm working on starting a new project involving a podcast, Oscar-related.  I'm still working out the details and brainstorming ideas about what to do, how to do, who to include, etc.  The bulk of the heavy lifting, though, is done, so now it's just taking the hammer and chisel and trying to form it into some kind of coherent, engaging piece of entertaining and informative listening.  And reading, I'm sure.  I suspect that each podcast will include some kind of written component, either pseudo-transcript or just some added information/trivia.  Like I said, the mold is in place, it's just getting the damn thing out and into the world in a presentable state.

Anyhow, that's the upcoming plan.  Once the pieces and sorted I plan on getting a handful of episodes recorded so I can be working on it ahead of time and not have to worry about much if school starts to overwhelm me (which I'm sure it will).  I'd say keep an eye out for more, but I don't have the best track record of having more in the immediate future...

Okay, moving on...

It's Oscar time again, with nominations for the 88th Academy Awards set to be announced next week Thursday, January 14th.  I've got some preliminary predictions, but I'm waiting to post a final list until after the DGA announces its nominees on the 12th.  I feel okay enough with most of what I'm predicting except for Best Direction, so I want to have a bit more to stand on before going public -- plus, the less I can embarrass myself the better.  Or not, I don't know, some people like watching others fail.  It's a good laugh, I get it.

So to ensure that I'll start posting more regularly, I'm making sure I post this and then post Tuesday and then probably again on Thursday with post-nomination reaction.  Then I'll post again that weekend comparing my year-out predictions to reality (unsurprisingly, it's already looking beyond terrible).  In the meantime, though (as in this weekend), I might dig into my year-out predictions for the 87th Oscars and see how I did.

I know it's pointless (more or less; more more, though), but I like putting together predictions way out because it gives me a chance to see what movies are coming out in the next year -- you know, other than the ones that cost $200 million plus -- and let's me start getting exciting about certain films.  I like that.

All right, so I've got a plan, announced it to the world (that's still paying attention -- I don't why you are, but much thanks for doing so), and I will now follow through on it.  I will.  I will, I will, I will.

Okay.  See you this weekend.

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