02 March 2016

Predicting the 89th Academy Awards -- Now with SOUND!!!

Well, another Oscar season has come and gone.  For many, they will abscond back into their lives and not think about the Academy Awards until maybe September or October at the earliest.  For others, it'll be December or January.  But then there's people like me, for whom the next season begins anew the day after the ceremony.

That's why, for the third year, I'm posting year-out predictions.  I've done these sort of predictions for years, but only started publicizing them (and the inherent wrongness involved with them) for a few years.  And this year there's a podcast incorporated with the futility of prognosticating the tastes of 6,000-plus people ten and a half months out.  It's my first ever podcast, so please forgive the hiccups and glitches and everything else that's not quite right.  It'll get better, I'm sure.  (At least, I hope...)

So, because most will skip this intro and just head straight to the predictions, here are my year-out predictions for the 89th Academy Awards.